• Fun to use

    Users love to participate in the online LEMtool studies

  • Scientifically validated

    The emotions, characters and tool have been scientifically validated

  • Beyond usability

    Go from just preventing negative emotions to creating positive emotions

  • Emotions motivate

    Once you have the power to engage emotionally, you can motivate your users

A unique online tool to measure web and media emotions

LEMtool makes it possible to uncover the emotional impact of a design. You can test sketches, mock-ups, early designs, websites or any other image. In other words: testing at any stage in the design process is possible. With LEMtool it is even possible to evaluate live websites or working prototypes on a password protected location.

8 Web-relevant emotions

For LEMtool, relevant emotions for web- and media experiences have been defined and validated.

Cartoon character

The LEMtool has been developed to depict emotions in the clearest, most recognizable way.


It is hard to measure emotions especially as the cognitive process is often not uncovered. Self-report is therefore vital.

Compare & benchmark

Are you designing a website in a highly competitive environment and is the user experience the dimension on which you can make the difference?