Fall deeply in love with LEMtool

LEMtool makes it possible to uncover the emotional impact of a design. You can test sketches, mock-ups, early designs, websites or any other image. In other words: testing at any stage in the design process is possible. With LEMtool it is even possible to evaluate live websites or working prototypes on a password protected location.

Interested in using LEMtool?

Test designs at any stage

From early sketches to worked out screens

You can test sketches, mock-ups, early designs, fully designed screens, or any other image. In other words: testing at any stage in the design process is possible.

Everything web-based

From setup to testing

What makes LEMtool so useful and simple to implement within the design process is that setup, test and analysis happens online. Are you curious what your users will feel about your early designs? Let us setup a test and in no time you have gained wonderful insights for further steps and decisions for your design.


Web-relevant emotions

Emotions related to aesthetics, usability and liking of a website

Identifying specific emotions that are most relevant in web- and media experiences helped build a more relevant basis for the LEMtool. Our emotions relate to aesthetics (visual stimuli pleasuring or offending the senses), usability (perception of effectiveness and efficiency of an interface based on goals and expectations), and liking (an overall judgment of the user’s interactive experiences).


Validated emotion expressions

Scientifically validated cartoon character and emotion expressions

The LEMtool has been developed to depict emotions in the clearest, most recognizable way. In order to achieve this, LEM – a cartoon character, has been developed that shows eight caricatured expressions of emotions. Facial caricaturing (reduction of facial information redundant to the expression and exaggeration of the essential components) has been found to enhance the recognizability of emotions.


Fun and easy to participate

Not only fun for you, but also for those who participate in a test

LEMtool is different. It is actually a lot of fun to work with compared to other user tests. Participants have commented numerous times that the focus on emotions and what is behind them is really appealing and the way the tool works a light breeze of fresh air. In short, the user experience of LEMtool itself too is engaging and positive.


Extensive results

Emotion hotspots, area overlays, appraisals, navigation paths and additional data

The output and results are generated by LEMtool in interactive pages where one can view hotspots, related emotions and appraisals (see next page), and also the area overlays (see inset on the right).
Furthermore, raw data can be downloaded and exported in different formats such as .xls or .csv. At this point, the data viewers are not public yet as LEMtool is offered as a service by SusaGroup.
Full analysis and management report is provided by SusaGroup. More details can be provided upon request.