Web-relevant emotions

Emotions related to Aesthetics, usability and liking

Identifying specific emotions that are most relevant in web- and media experiences helped build a more relevant basis for the LEMtool.

In an experiment using free-response tasks for commenting on website, participants consistently reported most on three areas, namely; aesthetics (visual stimuli pleasuring or offending the senses), usability (perception of effectiveness and efficiency of an interface based on goals and expectations), and liking (an overall judgment of the user’s interactive experiences). Especially the areas of aesthetics and usability are central to the evaluation of interfaces in general.

In the table on the right, you see the final eight emotions and to which area they relate.


Huisman, G. & Van Hout, M. (2010). The development of a graphical emotion measurement instrument using caricatured expressions: the LEMtool. In C. Peter, E. Crane, M. Fabri, H. Agius & L. Axelrod (Eds.) Emotion in HCI – Designing for People. Proceedings of the 2008 International Workshop (pp. 5-8). Rostock, Germany: Fraunhofer.