Cartoon character

LEM, a validated cartoon character that expresses 8 emotions

Why work with a cartoon character?

The LEMtool has been developed to depict emotions in the clearest, most recognizable way. In order to achieve this, LEM – a cartoon character, has been developed that shows eight caricatured expressions of emotions3. Facial caricaturing (reduction of facial information redundant to the expression and exaggeration of the essential components) has been found to enhance the recognizability of emotions.

Why not add the words to explain the expression?

We deliberately do not explain which emotions are expressed by the character. This ‘non-verbal approach’ actually adds reliability to the tests. Often, people are feeling similar emotions, but refer to it with different words. With our scientifically validated cartoon characters you surpass the verbal word-significance discussion.
A great benefit of this approach is that it can be used cross-culturally: Between cultures, there are tons of small differences between words that are used to express emotions.

We might feel the same emotion, but call it differently

– How the LEMtool avoids the verbal word-significance discussion

Our research shows that even though different people use different words to express a specific emotion, they choose the same cartoon character expression because it best represents their felt emotion. This illustrates that these people are actually feeling the same, but merely call it differently.